Sun Tarot was founded in 2020 under the core belief that Tarot is a powerful tool to allow people to receive guidance from spirit. The Sun (XIX) is the brightest trump card in the deck. Lára is simply a vessel that spirit channels to you through. 

Lára is a psychic and intuitive healer and founder of Sun Tarot. Her upbringing on the East coast of Ireland awakened her to rich spiritual traditions. Even at a young age, she was fascinated by all magical things. 

Her passion for astrology and Tarot began 7 years ago after her sister gifted her the classic Rider Waite deck. She then started providing sessions for her close friends and family members for the next few years, initially reading from the little white book that comes with the cards. She began reading professionally in 2020.

Lára’s heart centered channeling sessions combine visions from spirit as well as the story of the Tarot itself. She wants her spiritual gifts in a positive way to provide every client with a meaningful experience. One that allows them to feel a sense of hope for the future.


I have always believed in the power of tarot.

The messages that spirit has in store for you during your reading will help understand your mission on this earth.

The reading will be a meaningful experience, one that has a direct impact in your life

Lára Phillips