I recently got my reading done through Lára ...she explained very well and was very detailed in the way she clarified. She answered my questions clearly and also explained to me the meaning of each card pulled by her. She could relate what's going on in my mind to what the cards say. I will surely recommend her to my friends.

Namita Raina Sapru.

Berlin, Germany.


I love the energy she put into our session. I could easily sense that she loves her work and believes in its purpose. Afterwards, I felt that I had been given a dose of "meaning." This has stayed with me and I consider it a gift. I attribute this to Lára’s magnetic personality. She's intelligent, charismatic and will make you feel comfortable.


Lára has a wonderful energy, her reading was really insightful and she was really helpful in how she structured and explained her approach. I also really appreciated that she took time to answer follow up questions about the reading. Excellent experience, would highly recommend!

Had my first Tarot session ever with Sun tarot and I felt understood, accommodated...and the cards didn't lie. Def gonna get a reading again and can fully recommend working with Lára!

Sa'ad Malek.

Berlin, Germany.



Thank you so much dear Lára. I had a reading from Lára and I'm simply blown away by it. Lára has A LOT of knowledge and can easily interpret the cards she pulls. Besides that, she works very intuitively which adds so much depth to her readings. I could relate to every single thing that came up during the reading and I'm very happy with the clarity it brought. Go experience this! 

The reading of Lára was so lively and full of wisdom and heart energy. She has this intuitive flow which leads you to the exact, current learning process that you need. I really recommend her reading.